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You probably are here because you want to know or learn how to buy and sell domain names, well it's good that you came here because we will show you some of the best methods that you can apply to learning the domain name industry, and to also profit from it,


And your visit here may just change your life for the better financially, right here in the city of Chicago.


The first thing you need to do is to find domain names that actually sell that people are actually looking for and are willing to purchase, you can do this with just a simple Google search, you can type in the Google search query domain name trends for 2020 or domain names that sold for high ticket in 2019 and the reason why we say hi ticket is because you are here to make money and you want to learn how to make money buying and selling domain names so it would make no sense to invest money and make small pieces of money back, so you should always shoot for the high ticket domain names which are also known as premium domain names or as some call them tlds which stands for top-level domain names.

The reason why we created this page is because through Google search we have not found too many resources on this topic in Chicago, and since we know that Google loves to index good content we thought that creating a page like this would be a good way to assist good Google indexing so you can get online education on how to get started.


The second thing you need to do is locate a good domain name registrar to register your domain names with the two that we recommend are and


Once registering your new domain names you will need to know how to Market them to sell them,  there's a 60-day waiting time before you can sell a  newly registered domain name, but do not let that stop you from learning and gaining experience in your marketing skills for selling your domain names in the meantime you can keep learning new ways of selling your domain names while the 60-day period passes it will pass very quickly and if you take the time to educate yourself you will have some level of selling experience after the 60 days have elapsed.


If you are new to  the domain name selling industry then it might be best for you to start with small businesses right in your area, preferably businesses that have not established themselves online, you can do this by finding out what kind of business do they have and then find other businesses in the area or online that do the same thing and that does have a strong internet presence take a look at their website domain name and then register one similar to it but do not copy it to close.


Now you can register that domain name for about $12 and then go and sell it to them for $100 you've just profited $80 on your first sale.


We also have a YouTube channel that can teach you many different tips and tricks on how to buy and sell domain names online, and be sure to subscribe our channel because we will be putting out videos to give you more information to help you in your domain selling career.

And be sure to visit this website often for the newest information and updates

for Domain name selling, share this website and our Youtube channel (Chicago Illinois Domain Names) on (ALL) of your social media platforms.


Here's a few videos that you can watch now on YouTube to gain more domain selling experience.

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